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Policeman Shot and Injured in Clash Over Suspects at Kenya-Somalia Border

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A police officer was shot and wounded in the leg in a clash over two arrested suspects in Mandera at the main Kenya-Somalia border.

This involved Somalia police who came to the aid of the two detained suspects and managed to rescue them illegally, police said.

Police had arrested two suspects identified as Muzami Mohamed Hassan aged 18 years, and Mohamed Abdifatar aged 20 years for having suspicious cables.

The team then embarked on a mission to search the same in their houses along the Somali borderline.

According to police, the suspects took the officers to the wrong house and in the process they raised an alarm alerting the Somali police to crossover to the Kenyan side.

The Somalia police came running while shooting for their rescue as members of the public joined in the mission in the March 31 incident.

The Somalia police in the company of the members of the public overwhelmed the DCI officers and rescued the suspects and the two escaped towards Somalia side, police said.

The shooting ensued and one of the two other officers manning the border line while responding to the shooting was shot in the right leg where he suffered a fracture.

He was admitted to Mandera Referral Hospital in fair condition.

Another officer took cover where he fell on rocky ground and suffered a slight left-hand injury.

Efforts to re-arrest the suspects from Somalia authority are ongoing, police said.

This is after the Somalia authorities were formally informed of the drama.

This is the latest skirmish at the border. The border in Mandera is manned with tensions.

Police say more officers have been deployed there to tame any further skirmishes.

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