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Popular Sports for Betting at Betting Shops In Africa

If you are a professional athlete, you undoubtedly understand the intricacies of your profession. And you can easily identify the factors that affect the final result. What to do if you are not a sportsman and have no special knowledge in sports, but you have a great desire to earn money on bets. Then you need to get acquainted with the most popular sports in entreprise de paris sportif, learn the rules of betting.

The most popular sports in bookmakers’ offices:

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The most popular sport is soccer – the game of millions. Almost all players in bookmakers bet on soccer without exception. Everyone knows the rules of soccer from childhood, and if not perfectly, then in general terms understand what happens on the soccer field. The game is between two opponents, who are trying to score the ball in someone else’s goal, and whoever scores more is considered the winner. Only the feet are allowed to move the ball on the field. Bets are accepted on wins and draws. It is possible to bet on the total number of goals scored in the match by both teams, and the most advanced and well-known bookmakers’ offices provide an extensive list of additional outcomes.


Second on our list is basketball. In the school, the program is actually in the first place, as in every sports hall there are two rings, located on opposite walls. Into which one tries to throw as many balls as possible. Also in basketball, two teams compete, whose players shoot the balls and score points. In basketball victory betting, there are often very low odds on favorites’ wins and, consequently, very high odds on underdogs. That is why it is customary to bet on wins with a handicap. Also on the total, which is the total number of points scored.


The third sport that we would like to mention is hockey, the most popular sport during the cold season. Because the game is played in public, and indoors. Five players from each opposing team are on the ice at the same time, trying to throw as many pucks as possible at each other’s goals. In the goal, as in soccer, there are goalies who try to catch or repel the opponents’ shots. The final score is determined by the number of goals scored. On average, this is about 5-6 pucks, but quite often there are games where they can not throw and one puck, it’s like roulette – zero. Bets in this discipline are accepted in the same way as in soccer, a team wins and a draw. There is a total on the mainline, and it is usually most often 5.5 pucks.

These are the main types of bets that players use in bookmakers’ offices. They are all extremely popular, loved by bettors of different ages and nationalities, especially the inhabitants of Africa. We will talk about the rest in more detail in our next issues and share with you the secrets of success in these disciplines.

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