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Prisons, NYS to be Moved to Security Sector in Changes Proposed by Maraga Team

President William Ruto Wednesday received a progress report from the Taskforce on Police Reforms chaired by former Chief Justice David Maraga.

Consequently, Ruto accepted three recommendations.

First, the National Police Service, the Prisons Service and the National Youth Service be moved to the security sector in regard to remuneration and terms of service.

“This way, the officers in three services will receive remuneration and other terms of service commensurate with the work they do,” Ruto said.

Second, that there will be two entry points into the National Police Service, the report says.

At constable and cadet levels. The National Police Service Commission will determine the requirements for the two pathways.

“At a time when crime is constantly evolving, this provision will attract more professionals to police service,” the President said.

Third, that the National Police Service transfer policy that no officer should remain at one station for more than three years be enforced.

“Going forward, it won’t be possible for an officer to be promoted if they have served at only one station,” Ruto said in agreement with the recommendation of the Taskforce on Police Reforms.

Ruto announced that the taskforce will present its final report in a month’s time.

“I assure our policemen and women of our commitment to improve the police service, including their remuneration and other terms of service,” Ruto said.

The team was given a month more to complete their work.

The 20-member National Taskforce on Improvement of Terms and Conditions of Service and other Reforms for Members of the National Police Service and Kenya Prisons Service was appointed by President William Ruto on December 21, 2022.

The task force was mandated to identify the constraints on effective service delivery by NPS and KPS was to come up with a report to be used as a work plan for implementation.

The taskforce led by retired Chief Justice David Maraga was on improvement of the terms and conditions of service and other reforms for members of police and prisons.

Ruto said perennial welfare challenges continue to compromise the efficacy and ability of the police and prisons to effectively deliver on their solemn mandate.

The team handed over the report on Wednesday making far reaching recommendations that have huge financial implications.

Ruto said his administration has instituted reforms to steer the nation towards an autonomous, accountable, and responsive police and the ongoing reforms build on past efforts aimed at tooling and retooling of our security organs, as Kenya seeks to make our security organs more capable of addressing the security challenges that the country faces.

The president said there is a compelling public interest in institutionalizing welfare reforms of our internal security organs whilst also fostering the citizen-facing service elements of the National Police Service whose pace of reform matches public expectations.

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