Procter & Gamble Launches an Innovation Website


In the spirit of C+D, P&G developed the website in collaboration with other external partners to enable user submissions to directly feed into the business category leaders. This will allow P&G to review needs for strategic fit or scalability across the business.

The website lets innovators link directly to P&G’s posted needs, which are organized by business area and searchable by topic. Innovators also can access a full description of every need, including scale and success criteria. On the back-end, the site links P&G innovation managers with submissions, letting them search by topic or work area, share internally, and track progress.

P&G launched its Connect+Develop program more than 10 years ago.

The website serves as P&G’s “open front door to the world,” allowing any innovator anywhere to share their innovations with the Company. According to P&G, the site includes translations in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese. It receives about 20 submissions every weekday – or more than 4,000 a year – from all over the world.

P&G encourages our consumers here in Kenya and throughout the East African region to log on and share their innovations.

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