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Procter and Gamble (P&G) Fires Kenyan Senior Manager over Misconduct

Procter and Gamble country manager Aziz Jindani (left) and Victoria Kieti-Chesire during the launch of Always Platinum sanitary Pads

She was known to be one of the most unfriendly workmates at Procter and Gamble. Employees hated Victoria Ndinda Kieti-Chesire with a passion. She bossed on them like there was no tomorrow. Many complained that she didn’t respect that but Victoria being the boss, she had her way. The P&G South Africa office which oversee the African operations waited for proper complaints.

It seems they got it and now, Victoria is no longer the Brand Operations Group Manager Sub-Sahara Africa expansion markets. She was called to South Africa this week and told to immediately resign to save the face of the company.

Victoria’s woes stemmed from her relations with suppliers and employees. She set up almost every type of company to compete with P$G marketing suppliers providing services like merchandise design, event and product promotions and so on. Victoria was smart that it was almost impossible to connect her to any of the companies she was giving jobs while over-looking company appointed suppliers.

Any supplier who dared out do her in any business deal would get it hard as she would normally send goons to plant filth in the premises of her competitor and have someone tip P&G on what she had planted. She would also use the same goons to discipline directors of any company she believed posed a threat in her business or professional dealings.

But P&G has a global security network based in Germany which is very thorough and sly. They have been monitoring her since April 2014 after complaints from staff and suppliers. It seems she was found culpable and told to take a walk. Victoria Kieti was fired on Thursday. Employees and suppliers of P&G spent the better part of Friday evenings celebrating her departure.

Fare thee well Victoria Ndinda Kieti-Chesire

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