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Raila Will Only Accept Defeat If Al Ghurair Ballot Paper Tender Is Cancelled

NASA Presidential Candidate, Raila Odinga. / COURTESY

NASA Presidential candidate, Raila Odinga will only accept defeat on August 8, if all voters are identified through biometrics and Al-Ghurair company does not print presidential ballot papers.

On Friday, the former Prime Minister said that he will not accept the election results if the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission does not award the tender for printing presidential ballots to another company. He says it is biased and improperly associated with the President’s family.

Speaking on NTV on Thursday, he questioned why the IEBC was so determined to have the Dubai-based firm print the presidential ballots.

He continued to claim that some top commission officials could have been bribed.

“This company seems to be the only one, according to IEBC, that can print the ballot papers. There is something sinister about this company.

“Some people ate commissions from this company so that they cannot do away with it,” Raila said.

The opposition leader said that IEBC has enough time to single-source and award the presidential ballots tender to another company.

“IEBC still has time to have the ballots printed elsewhere. I want the country to know this,” he stressed.

NASA has moved to court to stop Al-Ghurair from printing presidential ballots. It had been awarded a Sh2.5 billion contract to print ballots for all seats.

The High Court cancelled the tender to print presidential ballots, saying there was inadequate public participation. The IEBC appealed and the hearing of the appeal was on Friday.

The IEBC would need at least 50 days to tender afresh, meaning the August 8 election would have to be postponed.

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