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Raila Gives Ruto’s Government a D- (Minus) Score

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance coalition party leader Raila Odinga says President William Ruto’s government has performed poorly over the last year.

Speaking on Saturday, the opposition chief gave the Kenya Kwanza government a D (minus) of 30 per cent.

Raila said that a detailed review of the government’s performance showed that it performed dismally.

”The assessment has been done and we have done the rating and our scorecard for this regime is 30 per cent of D minus,” Raila said.

Noting that the last year under Ruto has been disastrous, the opposition cited the high rates of unemployment.

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”In central, youths are being harassed on claims of being drunkards, they are being arrested and jailed,” Raila said.

”They are drinking alcohol because there are no jobs, you are punishing someone and you have not given them jobs.”

The decline of the Kenyan shilling, Raila said, was a huge betrayal that has rendered Kenyans’ lives intolerable.

The ODM leader noted that the weakening shilling has made it more difficult for small businesses to import items.

“The shilling has lost 20 percent of its value against Ugandan and Tanzanian shilling,” Raila said.

On Friday, the former prime minister raised concerns about the inadequacy in funding for educational institutions in the country.

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He expressed concerns over instances where schools received low allocations, with some institutions reportedly receiving as little as Sh3,000 for the entire academic year.

He emphasized that as the current academic year nears its conclusion, the allocated funds for schools fall significantly short of the requirements.

“Although the academic year is coming to an end, the funds that have been released to schools are way below what was required. In some of the schools, the Government has disbursed as low as Ksh.15, 000 for a student population of 400. Some schools received as low as Ksh.300,” he said.

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