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Safaricom Colluded With IEBC, Safran To Mismanage August Election – Raila

Raila Odinga addresses the press at Capital Hill

NASA Principal, Raila Odinga has linked telecommunications company, Safaricom to the nullified August 8 Presidential election.

Speaking at the Capitol Hill offices, Odinga said that Safaricom colluded with IEBC and the IT firm Saffran to bungle the polls.

Safaricom allegedly was contracted to transmit election results using Virtual Private Network (VPN) to avoid tampering of results. The telco company had two VPNs one of which terminated at a cloud server registered in Spain but operated from France under the control of OT Morpho.

The second VPN was to originate from the telco company and terminate at the local IEBC server but was never set up.

It is alleged that none of the KIEMs kits under the Safaricom network ever got their results onto the IEBC’s public web portal.

He alleges that the results posted from the ungazetted polling stations came from the 100 missing kits stolen between July 25 and July 27.

In his address, Odinga has said that 6 individuals from Safaricom participated in the fraudulent election. He has said that the opposition will initiate prosecutions against the IT firm and Safaricom in accordance with the Cyber Crimes Act.

The individuals are: Thibaud Rerolle, Anthony Gacanja, Shaka Kwach, Robert Mutai, Farouk Gaffour and Andrew Masila.

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The ODM party leader also said that the election results sent from the constituency level were not transmitted to the National Tallying Centre at the Bomas but were transmitted to a server in the France.

He has also maintained that they will not allow the telco company be a part of the October elections.

The ballot paper printing firm, Al Ghurair, will also as part of the opposition’s irreducible minimum not take part in the fresh polls.

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