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Safaricom launches “Go SMS Crazy” promotion

Kenya’s leading mobile network, Safaricom has launched a massive sms campaign dubbed “Go sms Crazy”. After complaint from subscribers from exploitation, Safaricom is now focusing on the low end market with such promotions.

In the sms promotion, you can have 5 sms for Ksh 5 which is less than Ksh 1 per sms. The mobile phone service provider says that the promotion targets their 15 million pre-paid and post-paid mobile phone clients.

Meanwhile, Safaricom came under heavy attack from participants at the ongoing Mobile Web East Africa conference. Many attendees called Safaricom a bully and saboteur in regards to Safaricom’s tendency to have high cost for their products yet they are a dorminant player.

The event which can be followed live on twitter, is a great platform in the quest to unlock, not only Kenyan, but regional mobile internet potential.

But Admob South Africa country manager who was a big favourite in day one of the conference, says “you can compete with Safaricom and be greater than them”. But I dont think the challenge in this case because Safaricom has some anti-competition tendencies like when they demand that because they were charge 25k for a months supply of fuel then others must also be charged that amount this year. Its market dynamics.

Safaricom is basically forcing the Kenyan government to overcharge other operators since the stakes might not be as high here and so there is no need for the Kenyan government to charge that much.

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