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Safaricom Unveils a Refreshed “Niko Na Safaricom” Campaign

Safaricom has unveiled a new campaign which comes after the much talked about 2010 Niko na Safaricom ad. The new video has different sceneries and the Niko na Safaricom soundtrack is also at a much slower tempo than then 2010’s. Some of the scenes I can pick from the advert are Olduvai Gorge, Hell’s Gate, Lake Naivasha, Mau Escarpment, Mt Longonot, Mt Kenya and Lake Turkana.

It is not clear what Safaricom has spent to create the current campaign but the 2010 campaign was reported to have cost Safaricom some clean $1 Million. Safaricom was even accused of copy pasting from the Spirit of Australia advert.

Check out the advert

What do you think about the new campaign?

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