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Simon Jordan Net Worth, Career, Biography, Achievements And Awards

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Simon Jordan

Simon Jordan, the former British businessman, radio host, and one-time owner of Crystal Palace Football Club, has gained considerable fame and success over the years. Simon Jordan net worth is estimated at an impressive $5 million.

Simon Jordan Net Worth $5 Million
Date of Birth September 24, 1967
Place of Birth London
Nationality American
Profession Businessman, Radio Host

Who is Simon Jordan?

Simon Jordan, as per our latest research, is renowned for his multifaceted career. He is a former British businessman who has made a name for himself as a radio host and, notably, as the former owner of Crystal Palace Football Club.

Jordan is no stranger to controversy, and his outspoken views, particularly in the realm of football, have garnered significant attention.

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However, beyond the controversy, he is highly regarded for his astute business acumen, which played a pivotal role in amassing his fortune, primarily through his mobile phone company, the Mobile Corporation.

Simon Jordan’s Biography

Born on September 24, 1967, in London, England, Simon Jordan hails from a working-class family. His passion for football ignited at a young age, and after completing his formal education, he embarked on a career in sales.

Through determination and entrepreneurial spirit, Jordan gradually built his own business empire, founding the Mobile Corporation. This venture would go on to become one of the United Kingdom’s largest mobile phone retailers.

In the year 2000, Simon Jordan made a pivotal move by acquiring Crystal Palace Football Club, which at the time competed in the First Division.

While initial success was achieved under his stewardship, the club faced financial challenges and was eventually relegated to the third tier of English football. In 2010, Jordan stepped down from his role as chairman but retained a substantial ownership stake in the club until his eventual sale of that stake in 2010.

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Following his tenure at Crystal Palace, Simon Jordan transitioned into the world of media. He became a frequent commentator and co-host on various radio programs, where he expressed his candid opinions on the state of football.

His insights also found a platform on several television programs, where he continued to share his perspectives on the sport.

Simon Jordan’s Career

As per our latest research, Simon Jordan’s career encompasses multiple facets. He is a former businessman who not only founded but also led Crystal Palace Football Club.

His professional journey commenced in sales, but he soon established his own thriving enterprise, the Mobile Corporation, which would grow to become one of the UK’s largest mobile phone retail chains.

However, it was his acquisition of Crystal Palace Football Club in 2000 that placed him in the spotlight of football management. He helmed the club as chairman until his departure in 2010, after which he remained a significant shareholder.

Following his tenure at Crystal Palace, Simon Jordan transitioned into the realm of media. He emerged as a regular commentator and co-host on various radio shows, where he fearlessly shared his insights and opinions about the football landscape.

His media presence extended to television, where he continued to be a prominent voice in the sport. Simon Jordan is known for his unreserved and controversial views, which, despite generating fervent reactions, have also earned him recognition for his passion for the sport.

Simon Jordan Net Worth 

Simon Jordan net worth is $5 million.

Simon Jordan’s Achievements

According to our latest research, Simon Jordan is most celebrated for his accomplishments in business and football. He distinguished himself by establishing a thriving mobile phone retail enterprise, the Mobile Corporation, which ultimately ranked among the UK’s largest in the industry.

His acquisition of Crystal Palace Football Club marked a significant milestone. Under his leadership, the club experienced a resurgence in financial stability and sporting success, ultimately achieving promotion back to the Premier League.

In addition to these achievements, Simon Jordan is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential figures in British football. His outspoken and controversial viewpoints have stirred intense reactions from fans and pundits alike.

Beyond his contributions to the sport, he is highly esteemed for his business acumen and remains engaged in various business ventures. However, his primary focus now rests on his media endeavors.

Simon Jordan’s Awards

Our latest research indicates that Simon Jordan has not received specific awards for his accomplishments in business or football. Nevertheless, he commands considerable influence within British football and remains a highly visible and vocal commentator on the sport.


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