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SONY Launches New Range of Laptops in Nairobi

Sony has finally decided to give the East and Central Africa market a strong focus. The electronics giant is making Kenya the headquarter of its East and Central Africa as well as some Indian Ocean islands’ operations. The company launched a refreshed series of laptops at an event last night in Nairobi.

The new laptops which are from the VAIO S and VAIO E Series are the company’s indication that they are going to be a major player in the local computer market. The two series of laptops can serve both the home and office user as well as provide consumers with top range performance in a stylish yet functional package.

The new line-up of laptops from SONY magically fuses speed with superior designs, presenting to the end user a  to sturdy but light machine which a business, student or an individual user would just love.

Microsoft was launching Windows 8 last night in Nairobi. Both series of the launched VAIO machines will come with 64-bit version of the OS and the 3rd generation Intel® processors. The laptops uniquely feature Extended Battery and slot-in optical drive for extra storage.

Shibuya Akira, Senior Manager, VAIO Marketing, Sony Middle East and Africa said;

“At a time when more people are choosing to use laptops over PCs whether in the workplace, home or school, the new VAIO models strive to meet rising consumer expectations in an increasingly competitive market.

Not only do consumers want laptops that work; they want laptops that are designed with them in mind, which is why in addition to being powerful, fast, portable and sleek, our laptops also come with features that enhance the Sony VAIO experience.”


The new VAIO S Series comes with powerful computing performance and a full range of features together with a light body. The VAIO S Series is available in 13.3″ LCD in black and white colour variants. You can also double up the battery life just by using the optional Extended Battery, which is ideal for business as well as on-campus use where you may not be able to find power sources while on the go. The shape of Extended Battery is also full-flat which allows the S Series to remain slim thus allowing you to easily carry it out even with the Extended Battery attached. It is easy to insert and remove from the bag thanks to the slim profile.

Overall, this VAIO S Series is the full featured mobile PC with powerful performance.

VAIO S Series provides all the latest technologies needed for full mobile computing. Overall high performance is assured with 3rd generation Intel® Processors.  Moreover Dynamic Hybrid Graphics System with NVIDIA OPTIMUS Technology switches seamlessly between SPEED mode for faster performance and STAMINA mode for an even longer battery life.

In addition to that, the S Series comes with the slot-in optical drive, which not only achieves the beauty of the full flat design but also increases the rigidity of the frame. This strengthens the body while eliminating the risk of the loading tray becoming bent.

This PC is crafted to be carried in comfort. The hexa-shell edge design increases the PC’s mobility by providing the essential lightness and rigidity to the body, while also adding a unique character to the appearance. The large palm rest is moulded from a single piece of thin aluminium that provides essential strength while also reducing weight and ensuring a slim profile. This provides solid support for users who spend long hours at their PCs.


VAIO E Series are targeted at everyone who’s looking for smarter, easier everyday computing. They are equipped with 3rd generation Intel® processors along with the wide range of LCD screen sizes (14”, 15.5”) and 3 colour variations (black, pink & white).

New VAIO E Series offer various display sizes for better and satisfactory use to meet everyone’s  lifestyle. VAIO E Series highlights the unique and distinctive ‘wrap design’.

To further increase the usability, new VAIO E Series equips with comfortably-spaced isolation keyboard with backlight for error-free late-night typing.

Latest technologies with powerful features that help enrich the VAIO experience.

The new VAIO line up gives you effortlessly clear, sparkling sound with “xLOUD” and “Clear Phase” technologies, which boost volume levels without distortion for impressive-sounding movies and games.  Video chats are clearer and crisper with the built-in HD web camera. Friends and family will enjoy seeing you with sharper details, higher contrast and rich colours: even in low light where other web cameras struggle with grainy, fuzzy images.

The generously-sized multi-gesture touchpad offers a large clickable surface for intuitive, ‘button-free’ control. There’s plenty of space to navigate pages, edit photos and more with fingertip scroll, flick, pinch/zoom and pivot movements.

Gesture Control lets you interact with your computer using intuitive hand movements. Just hold your hand up in front of the web camera and swipe left or right to flick though web pages or your photo gallery. Pull your hand down to pause music playback or a slideshow, or adjust music volume up or down with ‘rotate’ movements.

Don’t worry if your phone’s running out of battery while you’re on the move: VAIO makes a handy ‘any time’ charger if there’s no AC socket nearby. Just plug in your phone via USB even when the computer is switched off or in sleep mode.

Organising and editing photos, home movies is easier than ever with the new software  PlayMemories Home. With PlayMemories Home, you can import pictures and videos from any camera or camcorder and relive long lost moments instantly.

In addition, the ‘WEB’ button allows speedy access to the web browsing without booting up the operation system. There is also a dedicated ‘ASSIST’ button. It gives one-touch access to VAIO Care which simplifies basic maintenance and troubleshooting tasks to keep your VAIO in good condition.

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