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South Sudan Bans Kenyan Controversial Singer Akothee From Performing


Esther Akoth Banned From Performing In South Sudan. / Courtesy

Kenyan singer Esther Akoth alias Akothee has been barred from holding a performance in South Sudan.

Reports reveal that the controversial singer had sent a request to hold a music tour in the country but it was rejected on moral grounds.

According to reports from the nation’s media outlets, South Sudan Embassy had earlier welcomed Akothee’s request but after consultations the country decided to cancel the singer’s scheduled performance.

It’s alleged that country’s top ministers led by Dr Nadia and Makuei Lueth are part of a team that questioned the singer’s morals before nullifying it.

“She is a bad influence and lacks self-respect. I watched her performances on YouTube and with the way she immorally behaves on stage, I conclude she is not the right musician to entertain our youth,” the outlet quoted Dr Nadia.

On his part, Lueth affirmed that the singer was a bad influence to the young generation.

“I don’t want my kids and relatives to watch a woman spreading her legs while in pants almost exposing her genitals in the name of entertainment. That would be an erotic behaviour for them to copy,” said Lueth.

However, the authorities said Akothee is only welcome to the country as a tourist and not as a music performer.

Last weekend, the Sweet love hitmaker came under harsh criticism from netizens over stunts she made while on stage.

The stunts, which include spreading her legs and showing her butt did not augur well with the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua who termed it as “filthy and stupid stunts she has to pull to remain relevant”.

“Kenya has got talent but as long as we keep celebrating this kind of madness, our entertainment industry will never grow. Akothee is talented but the filthy and stupid stunts she has to pull to remain relevant should concern all of us. What’s worse is to see grown up men and women celebrating this scatological obscenity in the name of entertainment,” said Mutua.
The KFCB boss, who has been branded the ‘morality boss’, said that people like Akothee, branded as madam boss should never be treated as a role model to Kenyan women.
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“People like Akothee cannot be the role models for our daughters. Music doesn’t have to be dirty to sell. How I wish artists like Akothee would know how much influence they have on our youths and try to use that influence to produce content that is edifying. This kind is crass, moronic and a theatre of the absurd. It’s demonic to the core and only appeals to debilitating and incorrigible perverts and brainless audiences,” added Dr Mutua.
Mutua called on Akothee to stop her ‘madness’ and for once try to sanitise her music career.
“Akothee must stop this idiosyncrasy. There’s no dignity in this crap either for her or even her audience,” concluded Mutua.

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