Tablets Which We Might Soon Get to See in Kenya

Apple iPad

Was released in April 2010 and has been the only tablet since then. It has no known competitors but just wannabes who were more of reactions than serious innovative devices. It has sold in excess of 8 Million units and a successor, iPad 2 is expected by April. It comes in Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi + 3G versions with 16Gb, 32Gb and 64Gb being some of the HDD sizes we have. The devices has not been officially launched in Kenya and only launched recently in South Africa. But Elite Kenya which is the official Apple product distributor and Premium reseller, can sell you a brand new unit on order.

You can also get yours from PC World shops, PhoneXpress Shops and Ebrahims Kenya (Tel +254-20-,2221533)


  • Operating System    iOS
  • Apps    40,000+ iPad Apps and 300,000+ compatible iPhone apps
  • Flash Support    No
  • Multitasking    Yes, with the newest iOS upgrade
  • Screen    9.7” 4:3 IPS screen
  • Screen Resolution    1024 x 768
  • Camera    None
  • Ports    Apple dock connection
  • Navigation    Compass, assisted GPS (3G version only)
  • Storage    16, 32 or 64 GB
  • Wireless    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G (some models)
  • Estimated Battery Life    10 hours, 1 month standby
  • Dimensions    9.56″ x 7.47″ x 0.5″
  • Weight    680 Grams

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Running on Android OS, the Galaxy Tab has been a real reaction to Apple’s iPad and I have never taken it as a real competitor. Teh device is well much available in Nairobi from every corner selling it with prices ranging from Ksh 46,000 to Ksh 73,000. The Galaxy has very cool features which it comes with. These are like the turn-by-turn navigation, voice dictation support , Flash support .

At the just ended MWC, Samsung unleashed the Galaxy Tab 2 which is a 10.2″ device running on Honeycomb (Android 3.0). The Galaxy 2 also has a rear and front facing cameras in 3 megapixels and 1.3 megapixes respectively.  This device might be the fastest, among the new Tablets, to arrive in Nairobi. You can easily get Galaxy Tab I at Hilton Arcade, Westgate Shopping Mall, PhoneXpress Shops and also at PC World.


  • Operating System    Google’s Android
  • Apps    More than 100,000 Android apps
  • Flash Support    Yes
  • Multitasking    Yes
  • Screen    7″ wide screen TFT LCD and 10.2″ For Galaxy tab II
  • Screen Resolution    1024 x 600 Tab I, 1280×800 for Galaxy Tab II
  • Camera    1.3MP Front 3MP on rear for Galaxy Tab I and 1.3MP / 8MP for Galaxy Tab II
  • Ports    U.S.B.
  • Navigation    Compass, GPS
  • Storage    MicroSD card slot (16GB pre-installed)
  • Wireless    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G
  • Estimated Battery Life    7 hours
  • Dimensions    7.48″ x 4.74″ x 0.47″
  • Weight    361 Grams

Motorola Xoom

Motorola has been trying alot to gain the Kenyan communications market which it left for Nokia to control. I think that it was in the mentality of the US owners that we the poor Africans cant afford these gadgets. But Nokia taught them a lesson by the way they have controlled the market with premium and entry level phone. Motorola thought has continued to rule in the 2-way radio field.

The Xoom was  introduced by Motorola at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It was the first Android 3.0 (HoneyComb) device. It was named as the best Gadget at CES 2011. We will have to wait and see.


  • Operating System    Android 3.0
  • Apps    More than 100,000 Android apps
  • Flash Support    Yes
  • Multitasking    Yes
  • Screen    10.1-inch Widescreen with Resolution of  1280×800
  • Camera    5 MP rear-facing camera, 2MP front-facing camera
  • Ports   Micro U.S.B and HDMI for video out
  • Navigation    Compass, GPS
  • Storage    32 GB, with SD support after software update
  • Wireless    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, 4G upgradeable.
  • Estimated Battery Life    10 hours video playback
  • Dimensions    9.8” x 6.6″ x 0.5″
  • Weight    725 Grams

HP Slate

I am an HP addict. I have an HP Home Desktop with very great specs and walk around with an HP DV6 Hig-End Entertainment machine. I believe in HP and dont think that you will easily convince me to go the Mac way because I am just not into the design thing. I used to be one of the best designers and Technical Drawing and then Drawing and Design Students at Onjiko High. I lost much interest because my dad thought it was a career of the lazy. He used to burn all my drawings. i just gave up.

But I would love to own an HP Tab. The machine apparently runs a Windows 7 OS is touting the 8.9″ Screen and has 64GB HD. The problem is that HP actually targets the enterprise users with this. Its like the ProBooks of the Tabs. That’s what might make me not dare touch it because the enterprise computers are just not my thing. I am so much into the entertainment machines. We might just get this device on the market through Reddington, Despec and RedDot Distribution system and also HP Kenya.


  • Operating System    Windows 7
  • Apps    Most Windows programs with Windowsn Marketplace coming up.
  • Flash Support    Yes
  • Multitasking    Yes, it runs Windows
  • Screen    8.9” wide screen
  • Screen Resolution    1024 x 600 Pixels
  • Camera    VGA 1.3MP Webcam and 3MP Camera on the Rear
  • Ports    U.S.B.
  • Navigation    None
  • Storage    64 GB
  • Wireless    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Battery Life    5 hours
  • Dimensions    5.91″ x 9.21″ x 0.58″
  • Weight    725 Grams

BlackBerry PlayBook

This is probable the most positively reviewed device or competitor to the iPad. RIm is not letting Apple have it easy in the Tab business like it gave Apple much problems in high end SmartPhones. Again this is an enterprise Tablet. So I wont indulge much because it is simply a buzz word for lack of innovation. No navigation and no much resolution with the battery life not yet known. But expect great Flash support, corporate server compatability and you will get it easily in Nairobi after launch.


  • Operating System    BlackBerry Tablet OS
  • Apps    PlayBook-specific apps via BlackBerry App World
  • lash Support    Yes
  • Multitasking    Yes
  • Screen    7″ wide screen LCD
  • Screen Resolution    1024 x 600
  • Camera    3MP camera for videoconferencing, 5MP camera on reverse side
  • Ports    U.S.B., HDMI for video out
  • Navigation    None
  • Storage    16, 32 or 64 GB
  • Wireless    Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (3G via BlackBerry phone tether)
  • Estimated Battery Life    Unknown
  • Dimensions    5.1″ x 7.6″ x 0.4″
  • Weight    0.9 pound

Which one will rock? Tell me which one it will be. Out of all the Tablets above. Xoom and iPad will Rock with Galxy following close by.

Written by Cyrus

Respected Kenyan blogger, tech evangelist, and social justice activist. Cyrus is known for his hard-hitting articles and opinions disseminated through his Twitter handle @Kahawatungu or Facebook page (

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