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“This Is Why I Love Watches”: CS Murkomen Reveals His Lifelong Passion For Timepieces

"This Is Why I Love Watches": CS Murkomen Reveals His Lifelong Passion For Timepieces

Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen recently opened up about his passion for watches during an interview on the Obinna Show.

From childhood memories to his current collection, Murkomen shared insights into why timepieces hold a special place in his heart, shedding light on their personal significance beyond mere accessories.

Murkomen recounted how his fascination with watches began in his childhood, recalling his first watch in 1991 during his sixth-grade year.

He mentioned admiring his father’s watch, a gift from a friend, and also being inspired by a prominent priest’s watch in his village.

His father, recognizing his admiration, challenged him to excel academically with the promise of a watch if he ranked first in his class.

“I managed to rise to second place in one term, but I missed the top spot by just one mark,” Murkomen said.

“I remember studying late into the night, and eventually, my father fulfilled his promise to buy me a watch.”

Murkomen disclosed that the most he had spent on a watch was Ksh900,000, though one he reportedly acquired for Ksh4 million came at a steep discount from a friend.

“The actual price of the watch I wear is expensive, but not as exorbitant as speculated on social media, as it was sold to me by a friend.”

In addition to watches, Murkomen mentioned his affinity for quality shoes, noting that his priciest pair cost between Ksh70,000 to Ksh80,000, and a high-end tie he owns was purchased for Ksh20,000.

The Cabinet Secretary emphasized that his acquisitions were funded through his personal earnings from his roles as a senator, cabinet secretary, legal practice, avocado farming, and export business.

He reiterated his readiness for financial audits, affirming that his wealth declarations have been submitted annually.

The CS indicated his intention to scale back on wearing expensive items.

“My sons can wear my Ksh90,000 watch, or I can donate it. I’m fully prepared for audits. I declared my assets of Ksh550 million when I entered Parliament,” he stated.


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