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Traffic Cops Help Colleague Get Away After Being Arrested By EACC For Bribery

Traffic Police Officer on Thika Super Highway.

Traffic cops  from Thika police station caused drama on Thika Super Highway on Thursday when EACC detectives arrested six of them for allegedly taking bribes.

The officers put up a fierce fight when detectives from the anti-corruption agency pounced at about 9am.

Three of them were apprehended at Witeithie Estate bridge in Juja sub-county and the others at another roadblock.

A team from the station is said to have helped one gain freedom while another officer escaped.

The two officers left behind their caps and badges. The incident attracted a crowd.

The EACC team was forced to fire several shots in the air to disperse the officers who went to rescue their colleagues.

During the fracas, some rowdy youths broke into a cash-in-transit vehicle and stole an unknown amount of money.

The vehicle had stopped during the confrontation.

After the operation, the EACC officers sped off as more police officers arrived to help their colleagues.

“A traffic rider unsuccessfully tried to get assistance from lorry drivers to block the highway so that the EACC officers do not leave with the suspects,” a witness told the Star.

A Star journalist was also accosted by traffic officers who tried to confiscate his camera.

Motorists using the highway said the action was long overdue.

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