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Twitter Spat As Ndii Claims Ruto Funded Linda Katiba

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Linda Katiba Team. [COURTESY]

The opposition co-principal and NARC Kenya party leader Martha Karua and economist David Ndii, who serves as the chair of President William Ruto’s Council of Economic Advisors, engaged in an online spat over money that then Deputy President William Ruto is said to have given towards the BBI case.

The conversation started when activist Boniface Mwangi criticized President Ruto’s recent decision to lift the prohibition on logging when Twitter user @McOsedoh chimed in.

“Can’t believe Bonny and Ndii were once in a group called Linda Katiba fighting fiercely for the rule of law and constitutionalism. How Ndii joined the mutilators of the CoK2010 is still unbelievable. Power corrupts,” the tweep wrote in reference to the Linda Katiba team.

The team which consisted of Karua, Mwangi, Ndii, Jerotich Seii, Ndung’u Wainaina among others fought against constitutional change through the BBI.

Ndii on his part claimed the movement which was founded in 2021 was funded by Dr Ruto, claims Karua, Seii and Mwangi have dispelled.

“Time for revelations. Linda Katiba was formed by myself and Martha with Ruto support. Martha was then prospect for WSR running mate. Made made full disclosure which is why Makau Mutua was attacking me. Even paid Boniface from WSR campaign money. Hypocrites the whole lot,” wrote Ndii.

But according to the NARC-Kenya party leader, she was not aware Dr Ruto was funding the movement, noting that members were footing the bills.

“@DavidNdii I am disappointed you have joined the ranks of unmitigated liars. Throughout our  collaboration in Lindakatiba you never disclosed of any funding from @WilliamsRuto or anybody else,” she wrote.

“If at all @WilliamsRuto funded you it was your own private affair.”

Karua also denied that Mwangi received money from Ruto. She also stated that Ndii disclosed Ruto’s involvement towards the end fight.

“Towards the end you did disclose to me that you had received financial support from @WilliamsRuto for your case against BBI. I was not a party to the said case and you were already in court when I joined Linda katiba,” she continued.

Mwangi noted that he volunteered his money and time and has never received a cent from the project.

“Dr. @DavidNdii, I’m ashamed that a man of your stature would stoop this low to malign my name. You know that I volunteered my time and resources to Linda Katiba. I even hosted, and fed you in my home. Picture below. You weren’t even in the meeting where Linda Katiba’s name was coined. If you collected money from @WilliamsRuto using my name, please account for it,” he said.


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