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The Village Primary School Next to Evans Kidero’s Rural Home is a Shameful Image

While Nairobi Governor is claiming to do all manner of Harambee’s and uplift the standard of living elsewhere, the primary school next to his parents home in Asumbi is just not what you would expect.

According to sources on the ground, Gem Nyabola Primary School has no single concrete building with the school buildings still mud-walled and some of the roofings are grass thatched. The school neighbours Kidero’s parents’ home in Rangwe.

Buildings at Gem Nyabola Primary School


The situation in the school is so bad that most of the learnings cannot happen when it rains as the school roofing leaks and even the imagined shelters never help to protect the children. While Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero is seeking to replace Raila and claim to be the saviour of Luos, he has not done much to improve the living conditions of the said Luos in Nairobi or Homabay where he has influence.

While Kidero is accused of running down companies like Mumias, he did not do much to help sugarcane famers or share the loot from Mumias and now Nairobi county, with the residents of Hmabay or Nairobi county who support him. Kidero is a paper tiger.

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