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War On Organised Crime Still On, Undercover Cop Tells Media Over Extra-judicial Killings


The under cover cop popularly known as Hessy has  told the media that the fight against organized crime will still go on despite their efforts to frustrate it.

The under cover cop who has taken responsibility for killing members of the gangs said to be harassing  residents in Dandora and Mathare. He asked the  newspapers to instead preach a gospel of change to the young men instead of encouraging them by painting the police in bad light.

Hessy faulted the media for not highlighting cases of the police that had been shot in the line of duty, with some losing their lives or battling for their lives in hospital. He also indicated that the newspapers were biased and were being used by activists to frustrate the efforts made by police.

The police highlighted the atrocities that are committed in the said areas.  He said that just last week a pregnant woman was raped as she headed to the hospital to deliver. She was raped in the presence of her daughter. Her mobile phone was stolen in the process.

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“Like two week ago at stage 18-Maili Saba, a pregnant woman and in labor pains being escorted by her husband to hospital, was stabbed by young criminals, the woman died together with the unborn baby, the husband is still admitted because he was also given the same treatment(stabbed severally) as he was trying to defend his wife from ruthless criminals,” Hessy said in a Facebook post.

There has been a wake of rampant killings of youngsters by undercover cops in Nairobi slum areas, what human rights activists have termed as extr-judicial killings.

On their defense, the cops have been faulting the judicial system for failing to deliver justice where arrested criminals are released under unclear circumstances.

Last week alone, 17 criminals were felled by the bullets by undercover police.

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