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YouTube Terminates Andrew Kibe’s Channel

YouTuber Andrew Kibe’s popular YouTube channel with over 474,000 subscribers was Sunday terminated.

All 3,000 videos shared on the controversial content creator’s channel were unavailable.

“The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated,” a statement by YouTube reads in parts.

The reason behind the termination is yet to be known since Kibe is yet to address the matter.

The move follows a violation of YouTube’s terms of service as the reason for the closure.

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Kibe, who is no stranger to controversy–given his no-holds-barred attack on Kenyan celebrities–and controversial takes on current issues–had amassed some 474,000 subscribers on his channel, where he had posted about 3.1k videos before being terminated.

The closure of his popular account was met with shock and celebration by fans and critics alike, propelling Kibe to the top of Twitter trends.

Although he did not openly discuss the termination of his account, Kibe took to X–formerly Twitter–and appeared to dismiss the termination as a minor hiccup in his creative journey.

“Train ili toka stenje kitambo, hizi ni kelele za chura. Time ya live ni ile ile aisay,” Kibe said, indicating he would still continue to churn content across other platforms.

Kibe, who operates out of Texas after leaving a radio hosting gig in Kenya, has quickly risen up the social media ranks, with apt comparisons to British-American kickboxer Andrew Tate, with whom he shares a first name.

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Locally, he has clashed with a slew of Kenyan celebrities, including Bahati and Diana, former Governor Mike Sonko, and even fellow content creators.

Reasons to terminate

YouTube can terminate an account if one repeatedly violates community guidelines or terms of service across any form of content like repeatedly posting abusive, hateful, and/or harassing videos or comments.

Another reason YouTube can terminate a cannel is if there is a single case of severe abuse such as predatory behaviour, spam or pornography, or dedication to a policy violation like hate speech, harassment, or impersonation.

YouTube can also terminate a channel due to copyright infringement claims.

According to YouTube, one is able to make an appeal on the platform.

“Don’t submit an appeal request more than once. Multiple requests increase the volume of review and cause delays in our response. Fill out the form as completely as possible including your Channel ID. The more information that you give us, the easier it will be to process your request,” YouTube adds.

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