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CS Ababu Tells FKF to Abide by Law Amid Fresh Wrangles

Sports Cabinet Secretary Ababu Namwamba declared that Football Kenya Federation (FKF) must abide by the law and conduct elections with the provisions of its constitution.

However, the CS refused to admit on the legality of the federation after Nairobi County Football Association declared that it has been operating outside the law since 2018 despite the millions of shillings it has received from public coffers.

At a meeting with the Committee on Labour and Social Welfare of the Senate, Namwamba insisted that elections must be held on time and warned that the government wil not shield any federation that abrogates the law.

“FKF elections must be held on time,” said the CS, when he appeared before the committee.

The committee had invited the CS in response to the petition filed by Nairobi County Football Association which has claimed that FKF is an illegal entity.

“We are clear about fixing the mess in football and as a government we shall not take blame on behalf of any federation. This committee must hold them to account. They can’t misbehave and hide behind the government.”

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In their petition, the Association is demanding the Senate investigates the FKF officials in the wake of reports that even though it has received billions of Shillings of the taxpayers money the federations has no legal basis as it has never been registered formally.

Even though the matter kept on coming, Ababu did not as much as mention Nick Mwendwa and the failures of the federation choosing instead his predecessor, Amina Mohamed, for having disbanded the federation.

Mwendwa’s removal from FKF had been upheld by the Sports Tribunal and the High Court, which vindicated Amina’s decision.

Kicked out of office and the FKF disbanded over corruption allegation by then CS Amina Mohamed, Mwendwa has had a change of fortune since Ruto seized power in the last general election.

He was returned as FKF President and his cases corruption discontinued.

He has been returned as the president even though his removal by Amina was upheld by both the Sports Tribunal and the High Court.

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The Gazette Notice that was published by Amina announcing his removal from office and disbandment of FKF remains in place, meaning that legally, Mwendwa remains suspended from the federation and that the federation also remains disbanded.

Kitui senator Enoch Wambua challenged the CS to explain the basis of his decision in which Mwendwa was returned to office.

“We need another Gazette Notice to either reinforce the Mwendwa’s removal or FKF disbandment. Or have another Gazette Notice repealing the earlier one to give the body a fresh mandate,” said Wambua, who is also the deputy Minority leader in the Senate.

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