Esther Arunga: Quincy Punched My Son in Stomach to Remove Aliens


Former TV queen and now suspected accomplice in a murder, Esther Arunga Timberlake has told an Australian court that her husband Quincy Timberlake told her that he was driving demons and aliens from her son. According to reports appearing in Australian news sites, the young child who died in August was punched in the stomach by the father till he vomited.

This was not the first time Quincy Timberlake was meting punishment on the son in such a manner. The body of the child was found to have several marks which could not have resulted from injuries during plays.

Arunga, a qualified lawyer, was granted bail this morning in Bribane Australia on condition that she doesn’t approach any international port  (sea, land or air) or have any contact with her husband who is still remanded in jail.

Esther Arunga gave different versions of what happened on fateful night, including that her husband was trying to ‘save the boy from aliens.’ When she called ambulance officers, she told them on phone that their son had fallen downstairs and had vomited, police allege. She then handed Quincy the phone while she was still on phone with the ambulance claiming that the child was vomiting and breathing.

The murderous couple are claimed to have been  “calm and composed” during the call. Esther then shouted to her husband, “he’s dead” while Quincy was still on the line with the first responders.

According to police report, the boy had injuries to his arms and legs, including bruising and scarring and had a large lineal injury to the right side of his head.

It seems that the Finger of God cult is operational in Australia with Quincy and Esther being leaders of it in the foreign land.


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