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Three Ways Youth Can Use Their Smartphones And Internet To Earn A Living


In the modern world,  the rate at which young people find jobs depends on how prepared the labor market is to receive them, and how ready they are for the labor market.

According to the World Bank, in Kenya today, out of every 100 students who start primary school, only 68 transition to secondary school; and just 6 of this group go to universities or tertiary institutions to learn the skills required to give the country an edge in an increasingly competitive world.

World Bank predicts that Kenya has to create at least 900,000 jobs annually between now and 2025 to absorb the high number of youths joining the job market.

The country’s unemployment rate stood at 9.3 per cent in 2018 according to Kenya Economic Survey 2019.

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Balancing the equation to reduce the rate of unemployment may requires a lot of effort bothe from the government and individuals.

Here are some ways youths can take advantage of the advent of internet and smartphones to earn a living:-

Forex Trading

Today, very few youths know about forex, and those who know have very little knowledge or experience. Today, thanks to technology, you do not have to visit the bourse or the bank to engage in Forex trade, all you need is a smartphone and internet bundles.

“The issue of unemployment is no longer news, because we have 10 percent of our population with educated manpower forming a huge chunk of it. That’s why we 51 Capitals Forex have come up with innovative ways of tackling the issue, “says 51 Capital forex CEO Joe Kariuki.

51 Capital company director Peter Gacheru (L) with the CEO Joe Kariuki (R). [PHOTO/ COURTESY]
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The same is echoed by 51 Capital company director Peter Gicheru, who says, “just a click on your screen, you can benefit with a full-term course on Forex Trading, get amazing cash prizes among others”.

Affiliate marketing

The mode of marketing is moving away from a word of mouth to online brand awareness where companies use online tools to market their products. With a smartphone and data bundles, you can even work while travelling. Everyday, the number of people joining online forums is increasing and you should take advantage of the numbers to earn a better living.

it is estimated that Kenya’s internet penetration rate stands at 90 per cent with Kenyan users spending close to three hours a day on social media, with the most used platforms identified as Whatsapp (74 percent), Facebook (70 percent ) and Twitter (50 percent ), based on users own claimed activity.

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Take advantage of such and make money.

Freelance Writing

In addition to a smartphone and internet, you need an to have writing skills and creative talent to venture into freelance writing, where you can write for media houses, blogs or individuals.

One renowned blogger, Holly Johnson, is estimated to earn over $200,000 (Ksh20 million) per year creating content for other websites, on top of her six figure-salary she earns with her blog, Club Thrifty.

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Written by Francis Muli

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