Eighteen Bodies Found In Northern Greece Wildfire Zone; Migrants Feared Dead

Eighteen Bodies Found In Northern Greece Wildfire Zone; Migrants Feared Dead
Eighteen Bodies Found In Northern Greece Wildfire Zone; Migrants Feared Dead

In the aftermath of wildfires that have ravaged a forested area in northern Greece for the past four days, the Greek fire service has reported the discovery of 18 bodies.

Reports indicate that those who lost their lives might have been migrants attempting to cross into Greece. An investigation team, along with a coroner, has been dispatched to the scene to gather more information and determine the exact circumstances of this tragedy.

Located in the north-eastern part of Greece, close to the Turkish border, the Evros region has been relentlessly affected by raging fires.

The extent of the damage has led to the evacuation of the hospital in Alexandroupolis, a city in the region. Vulnerable patients, including newborns and those in intensive care, were urgently relocated to a ferry docked at the port.

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An earlier reported death, believed to be that of a migrant, occurred in a village near the coastal city. Emergency services had promptly sent mobile text messages to surrounding areas, urging residents to evacuate.

The Dadia national park, situated to the north of Alexandroupolis, has witnessed rapid fire spread since Monday. The 18 bodies were discovered near a hut in the village of Avantas. Fire service officials investigated the remnants of a burned-down structure, where these tragic casualties were found.

Speculation surrounds the possibility that these victims might have entered Greece unlawfully, as there had been no reports of missing local residents.

Reports suggest that the bodies were found in two separate groups, heightening concerns about the potential rise in the casualty count. Investigations continue throughout the fire-affected area.

The Evros region has emerged as a favored route for migrants from Syria and Asia to cross into the European Union, often using the River Evros as a passage. The Dadia forest has also been identified as a pathway commonly used by migrants.

Yiannis Artopios, a spokesperson for the fire service, stressed that emergency alerts were sent to all mobile phones in the vicinity, including those connected to foreign networks.

The wildfires continue to rage across various parts of Greece, fueled by high temperatures and strong winds.

Residents of the north-west Athens suburb of Ano Liosia were urged to evacuate by the fire brigade. Meanwhile, wildfires have also led to evacuations in other regions, such as the island of Evia and Boeotia in central Greece.

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Written by Andrew Walyaula

Multimedia Journalist

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