How the Jubilee Government is Introducing Tyranny in Kenya

Jubilee government to address the high cost of living

Jubilee government

Jubilee Government is product of bargained deal of a group of influential technocrats, securocrats, capital owners and industrialists who were fearful of the ascending to power and growth of support for the political left. A government of this kind remains paranoid and fighting shadows perpetually.

To survive, the Jubilee Propaganda machine has developed first the bigoted narrative of the supremacy of the Kenyan people and their betrayal by both foreign aggressors (foreign embassies) and internal enemies (opposition and civil society) who had infiltrated the country. Blame and or scapegoat of Kenya’s problems and for any of the Jubilee’s failures on these groups (Moi style and fear factor).

Secondly, embark on a massive rearmament programs especially targeting young people into national youth service, internships etc manipulating the fears and weaknesses with targeted propaganda tools. It is capitalising on Kenyans’ weak psychology points.

Thirdly, appealing to all Kenyans to regain their power and glory by donning military attire. Military uniforms and other military themes form an important part of Jubilee propaganda program. The military style of organization send message to the people of the need for order and authority. Appearing in public wearing military uniforms and ranks gives a much-needed sense of identity, pride and self-importance to Coalition members.

Finally, for maximum impact at the soul and heart of the Jubilee propaganda technique is the display of color, spirit and drama to cast its mantra and appeal.

Jubilee handlers manufacture and dramatise their leaders talk, deeds, very existence and emphasise good acting. For this Propaganda to deliver the political objective Jubilee Coalition has devised and deployed strategy to: Create climate of fear-threat, intimidate, attack; Decapitate, silence and drain independent voices and institutions-media, civil society, judiciary, county governments, constitutional commissions and offices, and parliament ; Carrot and stick, buy and destroy opposition base; and force media control and self censorship.

This is high cost political investment demanding huge human and financial resources to adequately build sand sustain.

It means lot of public resources (state instruments, personnel and money) will be spent through plundering/looting and outright high-level corruption. In addition, illicit deals and organized crimes would be part of financing it.

This is how Joseph Goebbels built Hitler fascism

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Written by Cyrus

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