Nokia’s Dorothy Ooko Very Angry and All For The Wrong Reasons

Nokia Communication Manager for East and Southern Africa, Dorothy Ooko, is a very angry lady. She sent an email which borders in torture to the reader to this write claiming this and that.

I wrote Nokia EA some mail back asking for information about some products they were intending to launch and also information about some research they were carrying out. Nobody got back to me and so I went for the jugular.

I contacted Dorothy Ooko with a terse, you know I can sometimes hit below the belt, facebook message which I knew would provoke even Mwai Kibaki to respond. And sure she did respond with all manner of defences.

First, she replied to the Facebook message through the email I sent to her on January 5th.

She apologised first and then said her inaction does not warrant the “unpalatable message you sent on Facebook”.

How do you fail to act on issues and decide how you want us to feel? She went ahead and said how I have no idea what they are doing with new media including taking some bloggers to Europe. Ahh, Spare me the details. So who is the blogger going to Europe? And does taking blogger to Europe amounts to actually working with bloggers?

Dorothy, wake up and stop ranting. Do real work and I won’t be a collaborator so if you are looking for people to not ask questions, I am not the one. I will put you to task come rain or sunshine.

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Written by Cyrus

Respected Kenyan blogger, tech evangelist, and social justice activist. Cyrus is known for his hard-hitting articles and opinions disseminated through his Twitter handle @Kahawatungu or Facebook page (


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