The Agony and Suffering of a Nokia Client at the Nokia Care Center (Hilton Nairobi)

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I have been getting complaints from users of various communication services. I got this from one Nokia phone user. The guy is basically highlighting what most people who visit such care centres go through. Since Nokia know that they are losing the market, they never give a f$%^# about what you think of them.

Read for yourself and judge.

Hi Robert,

Good Afternoon.

Ever seeked the services of the Nokia Care Center (at Hilton Hotel Ground Floor on Mama Ngina Street)? I was there on Monday, and I asked this lady at the service counter a simple question: How much would you charge me to back-up my Nokia Phone contacts to my Flashdisk? Just then as I was asking her I received a phone call; I picked it and told my caller I’ll return his call later. I continued my query to the lady and she responded that she would need to ask the technicians at the back office.

She went back there, opened my phone battery backside purporting she was looking for the memory card, all this while my phone was On, and without asking for my permission to open my phone. She came back and told me that was not possible, but then I looked at my phone which is a dual-sim, one SIM card was not reading. at first I thought she’d removed the SIM Card, but it was there. So I removed it, put it back, but still not reading sim 2 which was my main access line. I switched SIM cards on both slots and realized slot 2 was not reading.

So I asked the lady: Did you open my phone while it was On, she said NO. She lied. She just said she opened my phone and brought it back to me while still On. My phone would asked her for my SIM 2 PIN. The sim slot 2 wasn’t reading the SIM. The minute she realized her mistake, she started being overbearing in her speech and couldn’t let me talk. Feeling disrespected I requested to talk to the Branch Manager. A lady came over and assumed to be in-charge. I talked her thru my ordeal with her colleague/staff, but it fell on deaf ears & pointless. All she did was support her all the way.

Feeling discontent and angry at the disrespectful manner I was treated I left cause it could get worse than it was. I couldn’t make calls and couldn’t receive any. I missed a dinner date as my new found lady friend couldn’t raise me on phone. She sent me a text message which I never received in that space of time as we were yet to agree on where in Westlands we would do dinner. I’m not sure suing Nokia for my headache is something I should consider, but all I know is Never I’m I spending my hard earned money on a Nokia Experience.

What makes me so mad I’d that this Nokia Care Center Branch Manager – the least she could do is have my phone checked and resolve the malfunction the customer care lady caused, by, without permission opening up my Nokia phone and lying about it. Now I can’t afford to buy another phone at the current state I’m in, and since I’ve been so loyal to Nokia, I’m not sure it’s a better option, considering this is the after-sales service I’ll experience.

I narrated my yesterday bad experience to our Office Taxi Driver today, and to my surprise he had a response to it: he had a similar experience at the same Nokia Care Service Center, having spent more money to repair his boss’s expensive phone than it actually cost. Now, I realized they tampered with my phone to get repair business money from me – not happening! Not even after fantasizing about the new Lumnia 920.

Please post this, as I don’t want someone else to go thru what I was put thru.

Thank you.

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What do you think? This is real.

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