Video: Makmende Returns and Takes Facebook and Twitter by Storm

Its been one hell of a Makmende week in Kenya with virtually Facebook and Twitter taken over by a new trending topic which if you are in then you are in but if you dont grasp an idea of what Makmende is then you will just not understand it.

In every hood, street and ghetto there are victims and villains. Those growing in Kenyan urban centres had a guy who would kick-ass and bring all bullies to repent.

Such a guy was the Makmende and he would pull stunts like the legendary Jim Kelly, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris or Silvester Stalone. The stunts would make all bullies run when they spot a Makmende.

Now Just-A-Band has made a movie themed in the 70s and 80s character of Makmende. And the band has hit the right note with the twitter generation many who are in their 20s and 30s and identify with the charcter alot. They are the generation which tweet and facebook alot. A seach of Makmende in Facebook and Twitter will bring lots of results.

It was unexpected but for now, Just-A-Band just clicked with the youth here and Makmende has gone viral. Edited by Mbithi Masya and Jim Chuchu, the music video is a great addition to the band’s collection. The main star in the video is Kevin “K1″ Maina and has others like TPF3 star, Patricia Kihoro, Mbithi Masya, Kibugi Wamae and Mugambi Nthiga among others. The stage names goes like starring Wrong Number, Askyua Matha Militants , First Bodi, Abscondita,  Taste of Daynjah, Britannia Zimeisha.

A popular forum, KenyanList, even went ahead and made a collection of the famous Makmende quotes.


Makmende Anthem:

Eh ngumi nguvu yetu,
zilete haraka kwetu, See More
haki huna mbao mshenzi,
naupae ka kunguru,
ntakuchimba ka sururu kwa mateke ukienda!
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Written by Cyrus

Respected Kenyan blogger, tech evangelist, and social justice activist. Cyrus is known for his hard-hitting articles and opinions disseminated through his Twitter handle @Kahawatungu or Facebook page (

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