Meet Australian Teen Out To Revolutionalize Online Marketing By Creating Virtual Robots

Candice- Virtual Influencer

Virtual Influencers or Robots are the next generation brand ambassadors already in use by some of the biggest corporate companies. As they become more popular, there is also a need for virtual modelling agencies.

16-year-old Lucas Klubb identified this need and with a creative mind and graphic design skills, he founded Klubb visuals to provide online marketing solutions for brands. He has a passion for graphic design in its 2D and 3D forms. Lucas has gravitation to filter-making, CGI avatar creation, and commercial graphic design.

Klubb says he works with 3D avatar visuals, which are the most popular as well as Instagram filter creation. He is inspired by underground 3D artist culture which has it’s own aesthetic and set of rules. He also takes inspiration from core internet niches and technology themes as a whole.

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“We aim to bring awareness to our client’s establishment through savvy graphic design and conceptual ideas. The power of exceptional graphic design is essential to any business.” he says.

Klubb’s short term aspirations are to really hone in on the 3D artistry and experiment with unique ideas. His long term aspirations include working on full-length virtual fashion shows, backed by big companies, which would use hologram technology.

Klubb Visuals is a one-man team based in Melbourne, Australia. Through his unique skill, the teen has worked with Mercedes-Benz during its Fashion Week Russia, creating a virtual catwalk, which was shared on Vogue Italia, Elle Portugal, Harper’s Bazaar Russia, and more.

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“Candice is a powerful, bold and confident virtual model. Candice is known for her serious expression and sleek catwalk. She has an ethereal aura, a sort of essence that cannot be captured.” Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Russia said on one of Klubb’s virtual influencers.

Klubb says his experience running a virtual model agency has shown him that it can get expensive very quickly, licenses for the programs cost a lot, and he needs costly hardware for his creations. Nevertheless, he is already making enough money to fund his business and get rewarded for his hours.

A virtual creation from Klubb's Instagram page

Although the quarantine period was unproductive and boring for some, Klubb says he took the time to work on his skills as a 3D artist and technical worker and to experiment with different technology. For example, he says he just invested in facial motion capture.

Klubb Visuals runs a vibrant Instagram page showcasing some of its virtual creations. In total, his personal brand has a reach of over 8 million unique users, and he has a total following of over 100,000.

Robots are steadily taking up virtual influencing jobs and are already cashing in from product deals. A new report by OnBuy has revealed that robot influencers are making a lot of money.

“Virtual influencers’ – also known as robot or CGI influencers – are on the rise. They’re fictional computer generated ‘people’ who have the realistic characteristics, features, and personalities of humans.” OnBuy explained.

OnBuy says the virtual robots have become a real force to be reckoned with in the influencer marketing industry, taking social media by storm. And with the emergence of more virtual models on social media every week, and brands queuing up to work with them, this could well be the end for human influence.

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