Deposed President Ali Bongo Ondimba Under House Arrest As Military Seizes Power in Gabon

Gabon Military Officers take over the country: Gabon President Under House Arrest

Reports from Gabon indicate that the country’s ousted President, Ali Bongo Ondimba, is currently under house arrest, according to military officers who appeared on Gabon24 during the early hours of Wednesday.

The officers, claiming to represent all security and defense forces of Gabon, announced the seizure of power and stated that they have surrounded President Bongo with his family and medical staff.

They also announced the cancellation of recent elections, the dissolution of state institutions, and the closure of the country’s borders.

The military officers declared their intention to bring an end to the current regime, citing the need to defend peace and stability in the nation.

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This move followed the Gabonese Election Centre’s announcement that President Bongo had secured a third term in office, winning 64.27 percent of the vote in the disputed elections held over the weekend. His main rival, Albert Ondo Ossa, received 30.77 percent of the vote.

The election process had been plagued by delays and accusations of fraud from the opposition. The opposition criticized the elections as orchestrated by Bongo and his supporters, particularly after reports of internet shutdowns and curfews.

Ali Bongo Ondimba is the candidate of the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG), a political party founded by his father, Omar Bongo, who ruled Gabon from 1967 to 2009. Following his father’s passing, Ali Bongo assumed the presidency, and his rule has continued ever since.

Tensions escalated during the election period, with the opposition advocating for political change and an end to the Bongo family’s long-standing control over Gabon’s leadership.

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Written by Andrew Walyaula

Multimedia Journalist

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