Noname Takes Aim At Superstar Quartet In Fiery New Track “Namesake”

Noname Namesake

Chicago-based rapper Noname is making waves with her latest track “Namesake,” released as part of her new album “Sundial.”

In the song, she doesn’t hold back as she sends shots towards some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and Rihanna.

The fiery lyrics of “Namesake” are a critique of these superstars for their involvement with the NFL, particularly their performances at the Super Bowl and their collaboration with the league.

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Noname questions their choices and takes issue with their association with an organization she believes is tied to the military complex.

In the song’s chorus, Noname calls out each artist individually, questioning their participation in events that she sees as glamorizing war machines and supporting a system she disagrees with.

The lyrics touch on themes of militarization, social justice, and the conflicting role of artists in engaging with institutions that may not align with their values.

Jay-Z’s partnership with the NFL in 2019 comes under scrutiny in the song, with Noname pointing out the timing of his deal following the league’s controversial treatment of Colin Kaepernick.

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The rapper’s lyrics also reflect on the broader implications of artists engaging with major events like the Super Bowl and Coachella, with Noname acknowledging her own participation in such platforms.

The track “Namesake” is a powerful commentary on the complexities and ethical dilemmas faced by artists in the modern entertainment industry.

Noname’s willingness to confront these issues head-on has sparked conversations about the role of celebrity activism and the choices artists make in navigating their careers while staying true to their beliefs.

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Written by Andrew Walyaula

Multimedia Journalist

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