Russia’s Luna-25 Spacecraft Crashes On Moon Amid Control Failure

Russia's Luna-25 Spacecraft Crashes On Moon Amid Control Failure
Russia's Luna-25 Spacecraft Crashes On Moon Amid Control Failure

Russia’s lunar aspirations suffered a substantial setback as the Luna-25 spacecraft tragically crashed onto the Moon’s surface after losing control during its approach, according to officials.

The unmanned Luna-25 was poised for a gentle touchdown on the Moon’s southern pole, a crucial endeavor in Russia’s ambitious lunar agenda, but its mission unraveled as complications arose during its transition to the pre-landing orbit.

Marking Russia’s first foray into lunar exploration in nearly half a century, the mission aimed to be a significant milestone in space exploration.

Scheduled for a Monday landing, the Luna-25 was destined to explore a region of the Moon believed to house frozen water and valuable elemental resources.

This potentially groundbreaking investigation could have profound implications for future lunar exploration and utilization.

Roskosmos, the state space corporation of Russia, announced the disheartening news on Sunday morning.

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Contact with the Luna-25 was abruptly severed at approximately 14:57pm (11:57 GMT) on Saturday, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the mission’s fate.

In an official statement, Roskosmos conveyed the grim outcome: “The spacecraft deviated from its projected trajectory and ceased to function following an impact with the lunar surface.”

Russia’s endeavors were intensified due to an impending race with India, whose Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft is slated for a lunar landing in the same vicinity within the upcoming week.

The stakes are high as both nations aim to achieve a historic feat – landing on the Moon’s enigmatic southern pole.

While the United States and China have previously succeeded in gentle landings on the lunar surface, the southern pole remains an uncharted territory, eagerly awaited for exploration and potential scientific revelations.

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Written by Andrew Walyaula

Multimedia Journalist

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