Salaries That Police Will Earn in New Review

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Kenya Police. [COURTESY]

Details have emerged on what police will earn in new reviewed salaries.

A newly recruited constable police officer will now earn a monthly salary of Sh21,645 in the review released by the National Police Service Commission (NPSC).

The new salary scales which affects all uniformed officers including civilian staff within the service shows that officers-based on their ranks and years in service have an increase of between Sh1,255 to Sh9,439 in the new pay.

This, as he added, will not in any way affect a report to be released by David Maraga-led Taskforce formed to look into the welfare of the officers.

A long serving constable who has been earning Sh38,975 will now receive Sh40,354 in the new pay while a new corporal officer will get Sh27,879 in the new pay.

A corporal currently earns Sh26,500.

For a recently promoted sergeant officer, the new salary scale shows they are set to take home Sh38,829 up from the current Sh36,450 while a long serving one will earn Sh55,049 up from Sh53,570.

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The pay rise will reflect in their pays lips by Friday.

A recently promoted senior sergeant police officer will now receive an additional Sh1,379 in their pay slips raising their monthly salary to Sh41,649 while a senior one and the same rank will get Sh60,449 up from Sh58,820.

A senior officer in the rank of an Inspector of police (IP) will get Sh1,629 and will now go home with Sh64,379 from the current Sh62,750 with the lowest one but the same rank getting Sh44,369 from Sh42, 940.

A chief inspector whose pay basic salary has been capped will now enjoy Sh71,789 from Sh68,720.

Junior officers in the same rank will earn Sh49,769 up from Sh47,290.

A commissioner of police which is held by a county police commander will receive Sh156,229 with the lowest in the same rank getting Sh106,929 in the new pay.

Those in the ranks of Assistant Inspector general of police are set to earn Sh218,269 while a Senior Assistant Inspector General which is the third highest rank in the service whose pay has been increased to close to Sh10,000 will be receiving Sh298,529 basic salary, a growth from Sh289, 090.

A new entrant in the same rank will earn Sh200,889 up from Sh189,640.

SRC chair Lyn Mengich said civil servants will get a salary increase of between seven and 10 percent over a two-year period, inclusive of the existing notch increase, which averages three percent annually.

Mengich confirmed that the National Treasury had allocated Sh27.1 billion for the Financial Year 2023/24.

The pay rise will be backdated to July 1.

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“The salary structures for unionizable employees to be undertaken through the Collective Bargaining Negotiations (CBN) process,” she said.

Those set to benefit from the allocation are teachers, doctors, nurses, police, military, and officers working under the Executive.

Teachers got the lion’s share of the allocation of Sh9.5 billion which represents 44.2 percent of the total budget, followed by officers in the uniformed and disciplined services who got Sh4.5 billion (20.9%).

Others are state officers in county governments who got Sh4 billion (18.8%), civil service Sh1.8 billion (8.5%), other public officers Sh745 million (3.4%), county state officers Sh408 million (1.9%), Judiciary state officers (1.4%), Executive state offices Sh126 million (0.6%), and parliament state officers Sh78 million (0.4%).

The commission scrapped several perks which include retreat allowances, sitting, and taskforce allowances for Institutional and Internal Committees.

Further, SRC said Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) for local travel had been standardised across the country for the respective grades.

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