How Moses Kuria is Sexually Assaulting Interns at His ‘Brandmasters’ and Not Paying Suppliers

There’s this overzealous and desperate TNA defender that has gone rogue. He was one time on the Standard’s Sat pull-out ‘Madd Madd World’ of November 23rd 2013. Paying lump sums to accompany the president,despite his broke company and self.

Rogue! The same party and ideologies that he helped craft, are the same ones he’s strongly been fighting. Why? His appointment in any government position isn’t foreseeable as he hoped. And this is making hime try desperately to catch the attention of the President with all manner of claims and conspiracy theories he spins. Moses Kuria was once rumoured to be taking over Alfred Mutua’s government spokesman’s job, then a diplomatic assignment. Then silence. The silence has been louder since and seemingly carrying the day making him lose sleep and craft all manner of survival ways.

He forgets that, long are the days when government appointments were barely a phone call, then assumption of office. Today there is protocol and VETTING. And vetting is the one thing that this ‘strategist’ called Moses Kuria can’t walk past. He will not make it past any VETTING even if Livondo is the chair os such a panel.

We all know and seen how aspiring candidates for office have lost battles due to this and that. Talk about the past life recurring. Maybe that’s what they call karma.

He has a PR firm called Brandmasters which handles most of the Interior Ministry stuff. That is why Joseph Ole Lenku is still buying his time in ordering the police to arrest him over the manner incitement, hate speech and crimes he is committing in claiming that he is defending President Uhuru. We all know when opening a company, a functional one for that matter, it is legally binding to pay taxes, pay for NSSF and NHIF. But no, this guy doesn’t heed this. He actually deducts all the above from the gross salaries of his employees yet doesn’t remit the collected monies. Now if this isn’t robbery, I don’t know what is. But the taxman has started its own investigations and is coming for him. Wait and see it happen soon.

None of his companies has a trading license. NONE!!!!!!!

Moses Kuria’s Brandmasters has ‘projects’, which like any other PR firm goes through pitching, presentations and all. But he manages to under deliver. Totally! The funds paid for projects are used in wining and dining away, raping interns working at Brandmasters and all manner of evil things. Then he remains with no money for implementation of the PR strategies completely letting down the clients he works for like the entire Interior Ministry.

Same case to a local sports magazine (Pepeta) that he runs. It formerly featured in The Star but when the newspaper got tired of his unmet end of the bargain, Moses Kuria lost most options. He only attaches forged invoices for the magazine which is never printed. Yet, he pockets millions for printing and distribution of this magazine at sports venues. He prints a handful of the copies that he sends to sponsors and advertisers. The Magazine has no circulation at all because it is never distributed the the public as it should be.

His PR company was behind FKF’s “Mbao for Bao” fundraising strategy that was aimed at boosting the national team Harambee Stars. The campaigned that was launched in May 2013, has since gone mute. Almost 1 year later, we all wonder what happened to the money collected, if any. Who was responsible for handling the money since they said FKF won’t be in responsible and who audited the finances. Many sports enthusiasts questioned this campaign. Eg.

He owns a host of other companies with interests in oil, hospitality & travel, investment and Training most of which operate against laid down regulations and legal requirements. These companies have flouted tendering regulations and won several tenders because of his perceived position within the corridors of power.

Tales of unsatisfied service providers are endless. His company engages outsourced services but never pays. From office rent, taxi services, internet connection etc. Early this year, the company was auctioned after a cheque for a two month office rent amounting to Ksh. 440,000 bounced. (This is punishable by the laws of Kenya) The amount was to offset rent arrears for November and December 2013. In January Kinuthia Holdings, owners of the offices, stormed in with auctioneers and swept the offices clean.

A taxi operator called Steven is still owed about Ksh. 140,000 for services he rendered to Brandmasters.

As if that’s not all, the dude employs the worst HR practices ever. For starters, he is the CEO, Accountant, GM and HR manager all at the same time. He fires people at will, without any regard to terms of employment. He has huge sums in salary arrears owed to former employees both he has dismissed and those who resigned out of frustrations. He is a prime sexual offender preying on interns and his staff. The girls who stop him in his immoral steps get fired or are simply haunted out through frustrations. Resignation that is more often than not, unpaid.

Seeing that too much pressure is on him, Moses Kuria tasked one Mwaura Samora with conducting an interview with him for PR purposes even going ahead in the article to make all manner of claims against Robert Alai. DESPERATION!!!

Audio Recording of Moses Kuria planning to kill ROBERT Alai 

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Written by Cyrus

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