US Senator Asks Google to Provide a “Terrorist Flagging Button” on Blogger

Senator Joe Lieberman  is one funny man. I don’t know if he is a simple extremist or just plain stupid. The guy once called for the internet to have a “Kill Switch” where the US government can switch of the internet and disconnect the US economy from the WWW in case some rogue state decided to engage in cyber warfare.

The senator is at it again. He has decided to write to Google asking that Google’s Blogger platform should have a “terrorist flagging button” feature. Senator Lieberman decided to make this recommendation because of  Jose Pimental who was suspected of attempting to build a pipe bomb to attack the US military hosted his blog on Blogger. Jose Pimental hosted his blog on blogger and that is why Senator Lieberman thought it best to write to Google.

Talking Points Memo acquired the letter and published it earlier today. Read it here

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